Dr. Pedro Esmeralda Estorque

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Dandy Cutrer on google.com


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce Healing Hands healthcare to you as we empower our patients to improve their lives.

Kenneth Diaz on google.com


To be honest he is one of the best doctors I seen so far he actually care for his patients and very nice to talk to not just about our health what about our life in general

NYC Princess on google.com


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David Franklin on google.com


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Wonderla Ecila on google.com


He is the best doctor! Wait time to see him is well worth it-



Thorough & dedicated physician that my husband & I have seen for at least 20 years. Has a great sense of humor. Appts are at my schedule time.

Lost Zairon on google.com


The user didn't write a review, and has left just a rating.

Kelli Tolbert on google.com


Love Dr. Estorque. He has not sold out to the big conglomerates so it is a one-man office. He cares about his patients and was the first dr to make a referral that helped me tremendously. The only issue is the wait times.

Lucille Hammons on google.com


We started going to Dr Estorque 10 - 15 years ago! He was awesom at first; the last 5 year s he has gone down! If you are paying cash it’s great but he’s care has gone done. He actually told my husband he liked the people who paid cash most. The last time my husband went (he records his appointments In His phone and had the card with the appointment on it)! Once he arrived fur his 8:00am appointment he was told he did not have an appointment. Needless to say that was upsetting; ge drive 10 miles to the dr and showed up early to be on time! We are looking for a different dr!

Darla Wood on google.com


Something has definetly changed at that office. After paying him $160 to get someone else's results, being prescribed medication based on someone else's reports and paying for 2 visits to a cardiologist that he referred my husband to, an EKG, and stress test, Dr Estorque never apologized for this. It even caused Life Insurance to deny him based on someone else's results. We had to make an appointment 2x to try to get right information to insurance company, each costing $130. He still had inaccurate information. Needless to say, we have changed doctors!! Most of the time there was at least an hour wait. Yes, we did get the $160 back, but nothing else! I also feel he is getting a cut from some of the places he is referring you to. Be careful!!