Not Sure Which Doctor Is Right For You? Compare by Using Online Reviews

The rise of online reviews has granted consumers leverage on a variety of marketplaces. The ability to submit, browse, and search reviews for professionals and companies allow potential customers to make informed decisions to meet their personal and professional needs. And knowledgeable reviews of medical professionals and medical services can save new patients money, time, and – in some cases – lives. Track Your Doctor allows users to search for medical providers and view reviews posted by the providers’ patients.

Simplicity in Searching

How many times have you started a new job and had your insurance provider change? What happens next? You wait your 60 or 90 days, and then suddenly, your insurance handbook shows up. Sometimes, these books are the size of an old fashion telephone book! Thankfully, most of it is online, but even then, all you get is a directory of names and specialties that you can filter down by location or distance.  It is like the blind leading the blind at this point. Not anymore!

Track Your Doctor allows users to search on up to three fields: the medical provider’s first name, the medical provider’s last name, and/or the medical provider’s state. Track Your Doctor returns results that are similar in format to the results of common, popular web searches. It allows you to make a better, well-informed choice, rather than feeling you’re stumbling your way around in the dark. The best part is, once you narrow down your search to a small handful of potential candidates, you can schedule a meet and greet consultation with each of them to help you select the perfect doctor for you.

Reading and Subscribing to Reviews

Each page for a medical provider on Track Your Record links to patient-submitted reviews. User-submitted reviews are collected and displayed from popular review sites, including, Google, and Facebook. Track Your Doctor users can submit new provider reviews directly through the website. Users can also subscribe to medical providers and receive automated alerts when a patient submits a recent review. This level of access to user reviews is valuable for potential patients seeking to make an informed decision regarding which medical providers they should choose for their health care needs.

Reviews You Can Trust

Many people have heard the stories of businesses and professionals hiring content writers to generate mass, fake reviews. It has made it difficult for people who trust the reviews they find online. We have taken the guesswork out of whether or not the reviews you are looking over are legitimate or not. We still suggest that each user reads through numerous reviews before deciding, as it is just a good practice to get into the habit of it. The next time you need to find a doctor for you or a loved one, remember, Track Your Doctor gives you all the power and tools you need to make a better, more informed choice!