Moving? Let Track Your Doctor Help You Find the Perfect Doctor for You

Any act of moving – whether it be a single person moving to a nearby apartment or a large family heading to a larger house – is a complicated event with many tasks and subtasks that must be completed. One task that the moving party often forestalls is locating a new doctor to tend to them after the move is completed. This can cause several problems – both medical and financial – for the person or family moving in. Even healthy families with few or no significant health conditions may deal with bureaucratic snarls when faced with the complications associated with a new employee health plan, a new health insurance policy from the Affordable Care Act marketplace, or any medical complication that requires a visit to the emergency room. Track Your Doctor simplifies the process by allowing users to search for medical providers by state as well as providing access to user reviews that can help the moving party make informed decisions. The adage, “An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure,” applies to researching and selecting medical providers in a new city or a new state, and Track Your Doctor aims to help its users make the right decisions and prevent the consequences of a hasty or incorrect decision.


Searching for a New Doctor Near the New Home

Users of Track Your Doctor can search for a medical provider by state. The search results will yield a list of medical providers, with large searches being divided into multiple pages. Users can freely access any of the search results to learn more information about the provider, such as the location of their office. Track Your Doctor is accessible on a 24/7 basis, and there are no subscription fees or other electronic barriers to access. This allows people to search for doctors as soon as they know the state to which they will be moving. And the contact information that Track Your Doctor provides allows the moving people or family to contact the provider prior to the move, reducing the potential gap between moving into the destination and the first appointment with the medical provider.


Reading and Subscribing to User Reviews

Track Your Records displays reviews from patients who have visited the selected medical provider. Track Your Doctor displays reviews from popular review sites, including Facebook, Google, and This extensive cross-sampling of reviews prevents users from having to navigate through multiple websites to gather the information they need to determine whether to select a specific medical provider. Track Your Doctor users can submit their own reviews through the website, further increasing the actionable information associated with a medical provider. In addition, users can subscribe to medical providers and receive automated alerts when a patient submits a new review. These reviews can help the moving party make informed decisions regarding which medical providers they should select, making Track Your Record a one-stop online tool for users wishing to get in-depth details on a medical provider or business.