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Human Kind Media on


I am a patient and fan of Dr. Lorei. He's been my orthopedist for six years, correctly diagnosing and treating back, shoulder and knee problems. He's one of the few surgeons I've worked with whose goal is to avoid surgery if possible. So far, so good, as my right knee has been breaking down for years (torn ACL and meniscus from too much running and basketball over the years) but not hurting thanks to his treatment and suggestions. Kind, responsive and smart, I can't say enough nice things about him.

MrRailcarmover on


Consummate professional that is passionate in restoring you to fully functioning daily activities

Kianna on


Horrible doctor he blames others for his mistakes ...he messed my mom hip surgery up because he wanted to go to his vacation the next day!!! Now she have sciatic leg and foot damage . This is not over an further action will be taken especially since he ignored my calls when she was screaming in pain waiting for emergency surgery!!! The worst doctor ever

Daytona Xxx500 on


Denied anything being wrong with the hip replacement after it popping out multiple times.

Arica Tanner on


Lauren Keatley on


Dr. Lorei listened, answered my questions and did my knee replacement. Four weeks after surgery, I was walking up and down stairs, driving and going three times a week to physical therapy. At seven weeks, I walked 1.5 miles and am sleeping better and still going to therapy. I appreciate Dr. Lorei's kind way and the responsiveness of his staff.

Mel Pratt on


Excellent and brilliant surgeon! Dr. Lorei corrected my knee replacement. The first knee replacement left me debilitated (my knee was stiff/ could not bend/ multiple falls/walked with a limp & caused extreme back pain) and I was in constant knee pain because the first Abington/ Rothman Institute doctor failed to measure and size the knee implant to match my petite bone structure. Dr. Lorei diagnosed the problem on my first visit by looking at my x-rays and measuring the opposite knee. Dr. Lorei removed the incorrect implant and gave me a correctly sized total knee replacement implant. I am now able to bend my knee and go up and down stairs. I am very grateful to Dr. Lorei for improving the quality of my life. The Temple University staff members are efficient, professional, and compassionate with awesome customer service!

Amelda Pratt on


Dr. Lorei is an excellent and brilliant surgeon who was able to correct my failed knee replacement. The first knee replacement failed because it was too large for my petite bone structure. I was not able to bend my knee and was in constant pain. Dr. Lorei looked at my x-rays and measured the opposite knee to determine the correct sizing. Dr. Lorei gave me a correctly sized total knee replacement and I am now able to bend my knee, walk up and down stairs. He improved the quality of my life.



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