Dr. Karinna Hope Andrews

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The third time I saw her, she made jokes about my traumatic past. Jokes about the details of my life I only tell doctors because I have to. There was nothing funny about it. I was so embarrassed and ashamed. Of course I never went back. When interviewing new doctors part of my request was that my past not be jokes about. No one can believe a doctor would do that. But this doctor did.

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Dangerously dismissive. Dr. Andrews refused to order a new mammogram for a friend who had gotten a mammogram a few months before due to "insurance." After examining my friend, Dr. Andrews insisted that the large mass on her breast was "nothing to worry about." Soon after, a different, more conscientious doctor (family practice) ordered her a new mammogram. Turns out she had a large fast-growing tumor and was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. My friend is now taking chemo & fighting for her life. As a patient, I felt rushed by Dr. Andrews. I never truly felt like she cared about my concerns. I no longer trust Dr. Andrews to be my OB/GYN.

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Don't care for her careless attitude

Charleston, WV on healthgrades.com


Best bed side manner of any physician I've been a patient of!

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She delivered my first born and I would definitely have her deliver my second child coming soon! In the hospital I had a few nurses pressure me on waking my baby up 2-3 hours on the dot because she was sleeping up to 4 hours at a time and Dr. Andrews helped comfort me and explained a few things about this situation.