How Track Your Doctor Can Make Finding A New Doctor Easy

Searching for a new doctor can be a laborious task due to the multiple factors involved. And any medical mistake or deliberate malpractice can make a bad medical provider worse than no medical provider at all. However, access to feedback from a doctor’s patients can be a valuable tool in narrowing potential doctors’ pool. Track Your Doctor is a new online service that helps people locate medical providers in their state and access user reviews that can make the doctor selection process more straightforward. Track Your Doctor dramatically reduces – if not outright eliminates – the need for offline tools such as word-of-mouth and phone directories. It saves internet researchers time by providing reviews from multiple sites on one website instead of forcing users to navigate several websites to gather information. Track Your Doctor will be an invaluable tool for families moving to a new state, patients who need to find a new medical provider, and patients seeking a second opinion regarding their medical situations.

Search for a Medical Provider

Users can access the Track Your Doctor website at any time to search for a provider. Accessing a list of local providers is as simple as any standard internet web search; users enter the medical provider’s first name, the medical provider’s last name, and/or the medical provider’s state, then click the “Search” button. Track Your Record will list the matches, using multiple pages when there are several results. Track Your Record’s simple, easy-to-understand interface can help users locate doctors anywhere in the United States or to pinpoint a specific medical provider for additional information. Accessing every online provider in a given state gives Track Your Doctor users a wide sample of medical providers that they can research and investigate to ensure that they find one that is right for them.

Read Reviews from Other Patients

There are few better metrics of a business’s performance than thorough reviews from the business’s current and former customers. The feedback and details provided in online reviews can inform new customers about what to expect – or whether the potential customer should seek an alternate provider. This is especially true for medical providers, where factors such as compatibility with insurance plans, the professionality of the office staff, and the knowledge and behavior of the medical provider are of utmost importance. The pages for each medical provider at Track Your Record contain patient-submitted reviews that reveal what an office visit to the provider is like. Track Your Doctor includes reviews from popular review sites, including Google, Facebook, and, to provide a wide array of reviews without forcing users to load multiple websites. This direct feedback will allow potential new patients to build realistic expectations on what to expect from the medical provider or even seek an alternate medical provider in the case of multiple negative reviews. Track Your Doctor allows users to leave new reviews directly on the website. Track Your Doctor also allows users to subscribe to email alerts that will notify them when another user posts a new review of a followed medical provider.