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Wait times are unreasonably long every time I go, whether it is online or in-person. She does not seem to trust you as the patient with what you need and makes it very difficult to refill your medications when you need them. I have mental health issues and was prescribed medications for them through her, but she was hesitant to do so and when it comes to refills it is a trainwreck to get them figured out. They aren't even controlled substances! I feel low self-esteem upon discussing my issues with her and feel like I am not understood correctly half the time.

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I had two visits with her before I left and found another doctor. Miserable personality, bordering on bullying, and this is from someone who can take bad news, scolding, etc. Somehow you leave her office feeling worthless, even for a checkup, and as a patient she knew was on antidepressants, that was awful.

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I have used Dr. Conjeevaram for many years as my mother did as well. Satisfied Patient in Athens, Ohio

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I am a patient of Dr. Conjeevaram. I find her to be a caring, conscientious person. I highly recommend her to my family and friends. Body weight is an important issue for most of us including me. Dr. Conjeevaram has never been condescending. She is an excellent doctor.

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At first, she seems knowledgeable and caring, but by the second visit her fangs come out. She berated me with questions and wouldn't give me a chance to answer any of them and took the time to tell me that I'm fat about a dozen times although I recently had thyroid surgery. She first stated that she was more than willing to provide refills of regular medications, but after the second visit she made me wait weeks to get it. Everything's about power with her, not medicine. Unprofessional!

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If you have any problems with your weight or being fat, you will not want to have Dr. Conjeevaram as your doctor, as EVERY PROBLEM YOU HAVE will be somehow connected to your weight. And even when it's not, she will still make it about your weight. Also she will infer that you are lying if it doesn't conform to her misguided preconceptions. If shame is your game - she's the doctor for you.