Dr. David A. Kaminskas

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GGal on healthgrades.com


Very knowledgeable and helpful in the area of migraines.

NOT AVAILABALE on healthgrades.com


Very poor listener. I asked him about the recently FDA approved anti-migraine drugs and he didn't really know much about them and consequently refused to prescribe them. IMO, inexcusable for someone calling himself a headache specialist. Very big ego, very poor communicator.

Honolulu on healthgrades.com


You are wasting your time if you see this Dr. The care provided by this office is terrible, you have to wait 10-12 weeks to get an appointment so if you have a condition that changes they do not have a nurse or another Dr. to help you. He looks at you like he has no idea what you are talking about and then you leave the office with the same treatment you had before. He is just phoning it in, there is nothing new or personal about the care he provides. Go to another office.

Laie, HI on healthgrades.com


Schedule is always two months out. My condition got worse in two months. You see him for 15 mins. He tries to show you these MRI images which makes non sense. Then he is typing on the computer without answering questions. Then "see you next time".

Mililani, HI on healthgrades.com


Doctor is known to be good with treating migraines, if you have any other neurological concerns keeping going do not go here

kailua, hi on healthgrades.com


I have seen him several times. Getting a follow up appointment is over a month. I went to him scared and knowing something is wrong. I felt like he treated me like I was crazy. After waiting a long time to see him he barely spent 5 mins with me

Pattie on healthgrades.com


I have been seeing Doctor regarding my Migraines. He has given me all the time I need during visits and listened to what I have to say and has answered my questions. He has tried different treatment ideas with me and seems to genuinely want to help. With his care my migraines are definitely decreased.

biz on healthgrades.com


not informed about my condition, does not bother to tell me this.