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William Haase on google.com


Drs Lyons and Manta repaired my pelvis (3 plates 17 screws, broken wrist 1997. Subsequent rt hip replacement by Dr Lyons in January 2003. Hip replacement doing great after all these years with no sign of deterioration. Very thankful

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Dr. Lyons did an IME. He was pleasant. He reviewed CD and written reports. Dr. Lyons wrote his own report detail for the insurance company. The office staff was pleasant. The office was clean. The wait was acceptable. The insurance company respected the doctor. He was professional to deal with.

Corie Davis on google.com


Dr Lyons has replaced both of my hips and knees and 3 surgeries on my ankles since 6/2017. Not a single problem! He is really great at what he does and I highly recommend him!

DONNA Kuhn on google.com


Dr. Lyons is great!! The new phone system is terrible!! My bill does not refect the insurance cards I provided on check-in. It is impossible to call the office directly as all numbers now go to a call center. I suggest make two copies of your insurance cards prior to your visit. Give one copy to them to keep and get them to sign your copy acknowledging that they received. Dr. Lyons gets five stars - Billing and phone system gets zero stars.

Robert Hompe on google.com


I had a severe motorcycle accident back in 1990. My right hip was broken my right knee crushed my left knee damaged along with a broken wrist and punctured lung Dr. Lyons and Dr. Caggiano were my caretakers as I was brought to Brandywine hospital in coatesville. The reconstruction that doctor Lyons did on my right knee involved multiple plates & 26 +pins .The right hip had to be repaired and then replaced. The left knee had to be repaired with plates and pins as well and then a knee replacement was installed later. dr. Lyons saved my life and the level of care that I received was like no otherabsolutely outstanding.Orthopedic surgeons that have seen his work marvel at the complexity of the work that he performed on my knees & hip .The hip replacement that he gave me is still in place today some 25 years later dr. Lyons always had time to answer all my questions and was always reassuring .I moved out of state and dr. Lyons although not involved with my Care at that time always had time for any requests that I had. Dr. Lyons is by far the best orthopedic surgeon that I have ever had, he is also a gentleman.

Sveta Margolis on google.com


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Airborne Aerial Systems LLC on google.com


Before knee surgery asked for my out of pocket expenses which took weeks finally received Bill came in 3.5 times higher than their letter. I had No complications. Been back three times for post op and to have knee drained, surgery was in July it's now January fighting to understand how a surgeon's office can info you your cost and it actually cost 3 1/2 times what they had in their letter to me. By the way my knee is still swollen and waking with a limp.

Magali Tranié on google.com


Incomplete/Incorrect Diagnosis from Dr. Lyon - TWICE.First: for my husband, failed to notice the arthritis settling in when he diagnosed a torn meniscus (which he then operated on). The operation went smoothly but the pain never subsided. Husband went back, doc said "oh, oops, you also have arthritis." Hubby ended up going elsewhere.Second: for me, went in for ankle pain. He spent less than 5 minutes with me telling me jewels like "life is pain" and that my x-rays looked fine and I was probably just getting old and needing orthopedic insoles. Never bothered imaging soft tissues and super dismissive when I mentioned an old ankle injury. The insoles yielded nothing other than making me $100 poorer. I chucked them after 4 months and started doing various ankle exercises which helped tremendously. Going for follow up elsewhere.

Jule on healthgrades.com


My 25+ year best friend was refused to have full knee replacement. By at least 5 of her docs and specialists.This guy went and did it anyway. My friend had it done over a week ago. And has NOT woken up since the surgury. What was this guy thinking ??? Really....

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Referred to by my family doctor. Went today for first time. Office staff very fun to be around and helpful. It was a happy atmosphere. Needed an x-ray which was done at their location....no waiting for a disc to deliver. Dr. Lyons could not have been nicer and "fixed" by bad knee. Talked about his love of horses and various sporting events for the horses.....a lot in common. Had trouble locating the office with my GPS but a call to his office got me back on the right track. Great Day!