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Raquel Spratt on google.com


I love the doctor. But, the office staff is incompetent. Phone lines are always busy and mail box full. Very hard to speak to anyone.

Lorene Stechyshyn on google.com


I like Dr Sinha very much. True he is a very caring doctor but also true his staff is incompetent.The first thing they do is put you on hold when you call. I waited 30 minutes for someone to take my call. That is upsurd! I had a urine test taken. I asked when will I find out the results. She replied this is Thursday. We are not in the office tomorrow so probably on Monday or Tuesday. I finally called the beginning of the following week to find I indeed have a UTI. I needed an antibotic and no one called me. If I hadn’t called back , I would still be waiting.My very first visit , my appt was for 2::00 on a Monday. It was 4:00 PM before I got out of there! It was for a wellness checkup! Ridiculous!!

Debra on healthgrades.com


Dr. Sinha is wonderful, compassionate, and considerate. He has a very calm demeanor and genuinely cares for his patients.

CHRISTOPH L HAMM on healthgrades.com


Very personable and great bed side manners, Dr. Sinha genuinely cares about you as his patient!!!

NOT AVAILABALE on healthgrades.com


Dr. Sinha is a very caring and professional and gentleman and always listens to his patients and takes the time to explain things to you. I have been going to him since they opened here in town and I am very pleased with him as a doctor. The only thing I have ever had a problem with is his staff not calling in my refills after the visit. Other than that they are all wonderful.

Jim Mikula on google.com


Dr. Sinha is one of the most kind hearted and caring physicians in Ocala. He takes the time to really listen to your issues and is thorough in seeking the best remedy. He takes the time to stay current on his medicine and couples that new knowledge with his vast experience. I highly recommend him.

Lourdes Green on google.com


Great Dr!!!!!

Laura Franklin on google.com


Dr Sinha is a very wonderful and caring Dr I only give a two because of his staff they are very rude, incompetent and do not care about the patience whatsoever!!! I've been seeing Dr Sinha for 6 years and for the last 3 years his office staff has gone down the drain they shut down their phones 45 minutes before the office closes they continuously put you on hold and leave you there and hopes you hang up it's disgusting and trying to get prescriptions refilled you better call in two weeks before they run out!!! I sat in the office in the reception area and listened to the receptionist tell someone over the phone that worked in the same office area that if some patient didn't like it they can go somewhere else that is just absolutely disgusting they should not be working there who the hell do they think they are!!!! I had MRIs done I needed to come in and have them read to me two weeks went by they was supposed to been there the next day and me come in the following day but no I kept calling and calling and calling they kept blowing me off until finally I just drove up to the office and then I had an appointment for 4 weeks later my regular visit and they had canceled it on me and told me I could not go because I had already seen the doctor I had seen the doctor for a special visit not my normal visit and I was leaving the state for a couple of months I had to go to his Jasmine office I was in tears because I needed prescriptions to last me while I was out of state for a couple of months how does his office staff dictate when you see the doctor I don't understand he needs to find better people like he used to have these people and he's got working in his office they run him he has no idea what these people are doing to his patience and a lot of his patients are elderly they don't want to go see another doctor and they are afraid to say anything absolutely disgusting what they do!!!!

Sue Ellen McGoey on google.com


was assigned this Dr by health marketplace,tried making first appointment. everytime someone answered they immediately put me back on hold. 30 minutes later still on hold! No thank you! will go elsewhere.

Kelly Williams on google.com


I would just like to know WHO is running this practice...the doctor or his VERY RUDE staff?!? Only been going to this practice for about 6 months. When calling the office, I'd only get an automated system, so trying to get an appt had always been difficult. I could only talk to a live person, if and when someone decided to call me back. Usually, had to wait a week or more, to hear from anyone, if at all. The people that work as the office staff are incompetent! They don't care about the patients or care about having the right chart in front of them, before discussing confidential information. HIPPA violation! Dr. Sinha seemed to be good about listening and seemed to try to come up with some good plans on treating my ailments. But, he's just talk. He said this and he said that, but it's his staff that ultimately make the decisions on what is going to be done and what meds will be prescribed or if they will refer you to a specialist, or just make you suffer for weeks.If you don't like it when they go against what Dr. Sinha said, and you ask to speak to him, to find out why, they won't let you. Instead they just discharge you from the practice.